oh hello!

I’m Amanda Irel — a New York native obsessed with many things starting with the letter S — sun, sea, salt, swearing, summer, sweets… you get it. But above all, I love simplicity.

Wide open spaces, plain clothing, clear communication, an organized bookshelf, quiet… simple things make me feel calm. And being the overly anxious person that I am, simplicity is what I constantly crave to ease my nerves.

But it’s not easy to favor simplicity. Hectic work schedules, tumultuous relationships, political unrest, and a deep love for shopping all contribute to my life of over-consuming. Whether opinions in meetings, emotions of others, news media, or new clothing, I have a bad habit of absorbing everything around me.

Now that I’ve turned thirty, it’s time to put more effort into keeping things simple. While I know simplicity breeds peace of mind, I’ve avoiding putting it into practice for far too long. So now I’m selling the things that don’t bring me joy, distancing myself from toxic relationships, and trying to travel lighter. This is my journey to becoming a minimalist. Join me in simplifying my life.

Simply, Amanda Irel