The Best Simple DIY Star Anise Skin Toner

This is, hands down, one of my favorite toners. It’s a simple DIY Star Anise skin toner that features an amazing seed with an unusual shape.

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Star Anise, also known as Illicium verum, is a spice that’s native to India and China. The seeds of this herb have a distinct flavor and aroma which have been known to provide benefits for your skin.

Why do I love it?

Because this spice has the ability to provide antioxidant protection and minor astringent properties.

The only downside is that it may be hard to find whole anise pods in some areas. I found mine at an international market. You can purchase star anise online if you can’t find it locally.


Star Anise has been called a miracle spice because of its minor astringent properties and its ability to protect against free radicals. Some have suggested that its use can tighten and tone the skin, leaving it looking firmer and smoother.

What love about this toner is that I was able to see results in as little as one week with consistent use.

It’s DIY skin care that’s easy–and relatively inexpensive–to prepare. Also, it’s completely natural and I found it to be effective.

And if you want an added boost to your overall anti-aging regimen, add a few drops of frankincense oil to this toner.

Frankincense oil is a powerful astringent which means it helps protect skin cells. It’s known for its anti-aging ability to reduce the appearance of acne blemishes and dark marks while tightening the skin.

Follow the instructions below to begin treating your wrinkles and experiencing tighter, smoother skin. Be sure to follow this toner with my star anise anti-aging facial moisturizer for the best results.

Simple DIY Star Anise Skin Toner Recipe



  • Bring water to a boil. Add star anise and return to a boil. Simmer on medium-low heat for 4 – 5 minutes. Watch to ensure seeds do not burn.
  • Put brown rice in a bowl and pour star anise water and seeds over the rice. Cover and let sit for six hours or overnight.
  • Strain the mixture and pour into a small cosmetic bottle. Add frankincense.
  • To apply: After cleansing your face, wet a cotton pad with the toner and wipe on your face. Let dry for five minutes then apply moisturizer.
  • Store for up to 10 days in the refrigerator.


Tired of dry, sagging, dull skin? Do more to restore a youthful appearance and uncover supple, hydrated skin.

Using star anise has been known to help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, restoring brightness, and improving texture.

Why not incorporate it into more of your skincare routine?

This Star Anise Skin Care Routine printable will give you additional recipes containing star anise for a complete skincare routine. These skin-transforming recipes include:

  • an exfoliating facial cleanser to properly exfoliate for maximum moisture,
  • hydrating facial moisturizer that restores moisture while tightening the skin, 
  • an anti-aging facial serum that’s light and effective,
  • wrinkle-fighting toner that combines rosewater and star anise, and a skin-tightening toner made with star anise rice water,
  • moisturizing face mask that promotes hydrated, dewy, glowing skin every day,
  • an anti-aging sheet mask that tightens and smooths the skin, and 
  • an under-eye cream for dark circles and wrinkles.

Click the link below to grab your copy of this guide and give your skin exactly what it needs for a smoother, brighter, more even complexion:

Download your copy of the Star Anise Skincare Recipes Printable

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