How To Simplify Your Time

Tired of feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with too much to do? Learn how to simplify your time with these tips for simplifying your schedule as a mom.

So, I was now a single mom of two and it was now my responsibility to raise my children, keep the house clean, cook all the meals, and make all the money.

I was overwhelmed and overworked. I had too much going on at once and I couldn’t keep up. My days were chaotic and I was drowning in a sea of endless tasks.

I would write my grocery lists, appointments, and reminders on sticky notes (or the first scrap of paper I could find) and would often misplace them. My house was usually cluttered and disorganized, never drop-in ready. And I would panic when the doorbell would unexpectedly ring. It would mean I had to rush around hiding and stuffing clutter out of sight.

My kids left a trail of little messes everywhere they went, and I was constantly nagging them to clean up behind themselves. I needed help. I needed a solution. And I knew it began with simplifying my time.

Can you relate? If so, keep reading because help is on the way!

Do You Need Help with Simplifying Your Time?

Just imagine if you could…

  • Start your day KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, instead of repeatedly pressing the snooze button because you dread not knowing where to begin.
  • SAY YES to spending more time with the people you really care about, instead of feeling guilty about all the things you fail to get done.
  • FINISH WHAT YOU START without chasing after every “shiny object” or allowing distractions to throw you off course.
  • See your KIDS EXCITED TO COMPLETE THEIR DAILY CHORES, instead of having to constantly remind and nag them about it.
  • HAVE MORE TIME to do the things that really matter—with the people who matter most to you—instead of always having too much to do.
  • OVERCOME THE OVERWHELM of trying to maintain your home and your schedule by getting a proven system that helps you get more done in your day and take control of your schedule.
  • End your day FEELING GRATEFUL AND PROUD about what you’ve accomplished, instead of discouraged by what you didn’t get done.

If you want THIS kind of life, then here are some tips for simplifying your schedule as a mom and taking back control of your life.

Tips for Simplifying Your Schedule as a Mom

Simplifying my time meant taking control of my schedule and streamlining my home. I desperately needed to be able to get more done in my day. I needed consistency—a routine that we could follow each day.

My change started when I learned about “anchors” from psychologist Dr. Raymond Moore and his homeschooling wife Dorothy.

Anchors, when used to help manage our time, are those activities we routinely do that are important to us. They are the “stable” parts of our lives that all other activities need to be scheduled around.

I then learned how to use anchors to schedule my day. It simplified my life, so I created the Anchor Method Block Schedule System that centered around my anchors.

Anchor method block schedule

Creating “anchors” to manage your time

So, how do you create anchors? Start by asking yourself:

  • What are the most logical anchors in my life?
  • Which tasks or activities are non-negotiable?
  • What times do I usually do these activities?

Anchors are activities like:

  • the time you wake up,
  • personal devotion in the mornings and family worship in the evenings,
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including prep and cleanup,
  • naptime or quiet time,
  • and bedtime.

Scheduling your anchors

At the start of each week, take a few minutes to brainstorm your To Do list. Next, write down all the tasks, appointments, and activities you need to accomplish that week outside of your anchor routines.

Take this list and identify the high-priority items and the low-priority ones. High-priority items are those things that absolutely need to be done. Low-priority items are nice to get done but can be put off without consequences.

Once you’ve listed them all, take some time to pray over these tasks. Ask God to help you in completing them. Ask Him to show you if any should be eliminated. And then ask Him for the wisdom in carrying them out.

Ask God to go before you on appointments and “make the rough places straight”—to work things out before you get there.

Each morning, perhaps in your personal devotion time block, look at your Prioritized To Do list and then transfer appropriate items to your daily block schedule.

Add your tasks in the appropriate blocks, pray over your schedule, commit it to God, and then ask Him to help you in carrying it out. Above all else, stay consistent in following your routines and you will see results.

As you get started, don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t go perfectly. Don’t give up. There will be some hiccups along the way. It will be imperfect at first. And if you mess up one day and everything’s off course, just say a prayer and start again the next day.

Commit it to God and ask Him to lead you to do what’s right for you and your family. God already knows your situation and the best way to help you. And He’s promised always to help you.

Want a Toolkit to Help You Simplify Your Time?

Simplify Your Time Anchor Method Block Schedule System is a toolkit to help you manage your time. An added bonus is that it also teaches how to streamline your home.

And it will provide you with the tools you need to create your own block schedule using anchors.

Simplify Your Time is an easy-to-implement block schedule system. It will help you easily get a better handle on your To-Do list, schedule, and time. Using this method, you’ll feel more organized. You’ll discover more time to do those things that matter most to you.

It also includes a 4-step home organization system that shows you how to create orderly home routines. It also shares proven ways to get kids excited and involved with examples of age-appropriate rewards they’ll love.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and like you’re drowning in tasks, this is your opportunity to make a change.

This course is for moms who want a simple, step-by-step plan for organizing their time and creating a stress-free home environment. It’s delivered in five short but powerful lessons that will leave you feeling in control, motivated, and confident.

You can get the proven system to help you get more done in your day. It will also help you take control of your life.

It’s the blueprint for stress-free planning and simplified home organization. You’ll learn how to create consistent routines that allow you to ditch the overwhelm and frustration for a streamlined home life.

Click the button above and check out the course. It may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

What about you? How do you manage your time? Share your best tips in the comments below.

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