How to Simplify the Makeup Drawer

I don’t wear too much makeup. I stick to the basics. Concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara. Everything else tends to stay unused in the drawer on a typical morning when I have only a few minutes to get ready.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still have a lot of makeup. I’ve got all the best highlighters, lip stains, eyeshadow palettes… Every time a new product is hyped by Desi Perkins or NYX, I can’t resist indulging.

What I love about makeup is the possibility. It offers hope – the hope that maybe I’ll look different.

But in order to minimize my makeup drawer, I have to get rid of A LOT of it. If I only keep what I default to, this would be easy, but then I would also be saying goodbye to the possibility of looking a different way. And what that requires, beyond an ability to part with material objects that cost money, is self confidence.

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We All Gotta Start Somewhere

For a few years I’d been hearing friends describe all the magical things that I had to look forward to in turning thirty. Promises of a sudden arrival at inner peace, burst of self-confidence, and clarity of wants in life, painted a picture I was definitely excited about.

But when my thirtieth birthday came, I was disappointed that I didn’t feel much different.

I was the same person with the same old insecurities, working the same job, still stressed by the same things, wearing the same clothing. I was still just as miserable as I’d been the days before my birthday. But after a few weeks it hit me:

Turning thirty doesn’t force a moment of spiritual awakening, but it does provide justification for ditching what doesn’t work for you.

And I realized that what doesn’t work for me… is all my stuff.

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