The Best Daily Planner for Work-at-Home Moms

Working from home as a mom can be challenging, but with the right tools, you can make it easier. A daily planner can help you stay organized and productive while balancing work and family responsibilities. What is the best daily planner for work-at-home moms? Learn the 5 things that should be on a daily planner (and the best one!) for moms who work from home.

I had been feeling like I was running in all directions without a clear plan of where I was going. I had at least three planners on my desk, each for a different part of my life—mom, entrepreneur, and homeschool teacher. To say it was getting confusing is an understatement. I was overwhelmed, frustrated, and paralyzed with inaction as a result.

I knew it was time to simplify my life in this area. Many of you already know that I love planners. I talked about my favorite planners for moms already. And while planners are wonderful tools, too much of a good thing is not a good thing.

I had to simplify my time and get better organized.

How do I organize myself as a mom?

As a work-at-home mom, it can be challenging to balance your personal and professional responsibilities. However, using a daily planner can help you organize yourself as a mom and focus on your priority tasks. Here are some tips for creating a daily planner that works for you:

  1. Start with one planner template: There are many daily planner templates available online, that can be customized to fit your needs. Find one that includes sections for all your personal needs and work tasks.
  2. Divide your day into blocks: Break your day into blocks of time, or anchors as I call them. Anchors are those activities we routinely do that are important to us. They are the “stable” parts of our lives that all other activities need to be scheduled around. Assign specific tasks or activities to each block/anchor, such as morning devotions, completing work projects, or meal times with your family. Learn more about creating and using anchors in my post on simplifying your time.
  3. Prioritize your tasks: Determine which tasks are the most important and prioritize them accordingly. This will help ensure that you complete the most critical tasks (or weights as I like to call them) first and don’t waste time on less important ones.
  4. Include breaks and self-care: Don’t forget to schedule in breaks and self-care activities, such as exercise, play, or reading a book. It’s important to take care of yourself so that you can be more productive and focused.
  5. Review and adjust: Review your daily planner regularly to see what’s working and what’s not. Make adjustments as needed to ensure that your planner is helping you stay on track and achieve your goals.

By using a daily planner, work-at-home moms can stay organized and productive while balancing their personal and professional responsibilities.

How do I schedule my day as a working mom?

Working from home can be a challenge for moms, especially when trying to balance work and family life. A daily planner can help you schedule your day and keep you organized and on track. Here are some tips for how to schedule your day as a working mom:

  1. Start by setting your priorities. What are your most important tasks for the day? Write them down and make sure they are at the top of your list. Include your “weights”—those tasks you are most likely to procrastinate on completing.
  2. Break down your day into sections. For example, you may want to allocate specific times for work, household chores, and family time.
  3. Schedule breaks throughout the day. Taking breaks can help you stay refreshed and focused. Use this time to step away from work and recharge.
  4. Be flexible. Life happens, and plans can change. Be prepared to adjust your schedule as needed.

What 5 things should be on a good daily planner?

A daily planner is a useful and necessary tool to help you stay organized and productive as a working mom. Here are 5 things that should be included on a good daily planner for work-at-home moms:

  1. Prioritized to-do list: Make a list of tasks that you need to complete for the day. This could include work assignments, personal errands, or appointments. Arrange them by priority to ensure the most important items get done first
  2. Schedule with Anchors: Plan out your day by setting specific times for each task on your to-do list. This will help you stay on track and manage your time effectively.
  3. Goals: Write down your short-term and long-term goals. This will help you stay motivated and focused on what’s important.
  4. Vision board and notes: Use your daily planner to jot down important information or ideas that come up throughout the day. This can help you stay organized and keep track of important details.
  5. Business planning pages: Are you a blogger? Do you run an Esty shop? Your planner should include pages to help you organize and run your business. This will help you make the most of your daily planner and improve your productivity over time.

What is the best daily planner for work-at-home moms?

Now that you know how to organize yourself as a mom, how to schedule your day as a working mom, and the 5 things that should be on a good daily planner, it’s time to find your perfect planner.

So going back to my overwhelm and frustration with having three planners going at once, I decided to create ONE planner that would help me keep track of both my personal and business tasks.

Introducing the Daily Action Planner:

The Daily Action Planner for Work-at-Home Moms is formatted to bring all your roles together. Plan your personal and business tasks in one place. It allows for daily planning in a weekly format and includes specialized pages for bloggers or Etsy sellers. And the best part? It’s printable so you can print it all or just the pages you need.

Take a peek:

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